Friday, September 02, 2011

Around Here Lately 9.2.11

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happy September, yall! i'm going to keep this short and sweet and go offline to enjoy a 4 day weekend with my family. 

this week...was a fantastically successful week of homeschooling. we accomplished way more than i thought we could and i am very proud of Big Girl for jumping right in. Bubba has also done great at his "homework," practicing writing his name and identifying phonic sounds. i love love love watching them learn.

i am not on Facebook this month, focusing rather on how i can serve and give, seeking the peace of God. the August Vegan Experiment has rolled over into September because eating this way feels so natural to me. this week's menu was simple and delicious.

we are reading:

my kids and i have been singing this all week: 
link to the video in case it doesn't load:

and that's what's been going on around here lately!
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