Monday, August 15, 2011

that i may see

Be good to your servant while I live, 
that I may obey your word. 
Open my eyes that I may see 
wonderful things in your law. 
I am a stranger on earth; 
do not hide your commands from me. 
My soul is consumed with longing 
for your laws at all times. 
Psalm 119:17-20

601. the ability to see, my fully functioning eyes
602. little nods of encouragement around every corner
603. watching brother and sister, side by side, grow up together
604. opportunities to use my God-given gifts to serve others and grow His Kingdom
605. this space, these keys, this window, for my thoughts and words
606. bedtime belly-laughs coming through the baby monitor
607. silly songs and goofy conversations
608. vegan cupcakes
609. hand-me-downs in just the right size
610. dollar store finds for teaching at home
611. waking up to rain, and an all day drizzle, quenching the dry earth
612. neighborhood day at the water park
613. shady parking spots
614. teacher and student discounts
615. peaceful nights and sweet dreams