Friday, August 19, 2011

a picture of his personality

this little guy just turned three. i wanted to have his picture made, but it wasn't that simple. i wanted a picture of his three-year-old personality. this little guy is sweet as pie, has a great sense of humor, is rough-and-tumble, and is happiest when he's making people smile. i wanted all of this caught on camera. oh, and i wanted him to have his favorite toys in the pictures, too.

i had a tall order for the photographer, Laurie, of Laurie Melissa Photography. between prop requests, location changes, and scheduling snafus, i definitely gave Laurie a run for her money. and that was even before i introduced her to Bubba!

but look:

she did it.

and they both had a good time in the process. Laurie *somehow* managed to get Bubba to do exactly what she wanted him to - "sit here," "hold this," "look here," "show me your teeth,"- while she stealthily snapped pictures. she used her natural nurturing and motherly tone to lure him into position without forcing him to pose.
i was in hog heaven watching Laurie and Bubba interact: her silliness and his gigging, his eye-lash batting to her adoration. there was no doubt in my mind that she was doing more than taking pictures of my Bubba- she was capturing his personality.

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