Monday, August 22, 2011

continually counting

As Bright As the Sun by brk, on Pix-O-Sphere

616. red sugar-syrup-stained smiles, snocones on a hot summer morning
617. the normal-ness of toddler boy undies in the laundry
618. superb customer service at a big box store
619. sibling storytime at bedtime, those sweet, quiet moments
620. Pinteresting with my hubby
621. my little guy holding the door open for me and sister
622. BigGirl's unbridled excitement in the library, her candystore
623. childhood memories shared with my little ones via a vintage cassette tape
624. garbanzo beans
625. my hot glue gun
626. random text messages from my sister
627. a friendly and wise stranger when i'm lonely, an angel in disguise
628. kid-friendly coffee shops
629. a few more days of summer
630. self-grace
631. children, mothers, and fathers- families- in the altar, giving their hearts to Jesus

gift counting is a habit i've cultivated. i'm not counting gifts that i want, rather gifts i have that God has blessed me with.