Saturday, July 02, 2011

Around Here Lately 7.1.11

This week... we mourn the loss of my husband's best friend's son, Alex. He was only 15 years old. We're looking for God. Seeking His face. Our hearts are broken, and we know He is the Mender. I want to thank you all for your prayers. From the time we got the phone call to the day of the memorial service, I know a team of Prayer Warriorettes were praying on our behalf. ((Thank you.))

So we didn't go many places this week other than to God's Word. My go-to for comfort when everything seems just wrong. (And cake. You may have found me this week curled up with my bible and a piece of cake.) When we did go out, my mind and heart stayed in prayer. 

And the enemy distracts. He lies to me in my sleep. Torments. He tries to steer me away from Truth, from peace. He messes with my mind and makes me feel vulnerable, overwhelmed. But I know better. I'm on to him. His tactics are worthless. Though my heart is torn, I will praise God in this storm. 

I'm praying for... my husband's best friend Jason. For Alex's friends and family. For the children of Wichita Falls. For teenage boys everywhere. God bless the generations. Yall, please pray with me for this world for our children?