Tuesday, May 03, 2011

ten on tuesday: firsts

when i saw Amanda do this list i thought, oh that would be fun! it kind of reminds me of a Baby Book, with pages of First Foods, First Haircut, First Tooth. but this is the grown-up version.  


1. First Car
a blue '89 Honda Accord that i loved so much. i put a Beastie Boys sticker on the back windshield because i was so cool.

2. First Concert my mom took me and my best friend Lisa to the George Michael Faith World Tour. my mom is crazy. i was 11. 

3. First Job when i was 8 or so my parents were on a bowling league and they "hired" me to "babysit" their league friends' kids, right there at the bowling alley. my mom framed my first dollar earned there. my first real job though was as a Sandwich Artist at Subway when i was 15.

4. First Time Out of the Country i think i was in 6th grade when my parents took us on a road trip to Matamoros, Mexico. it wasn't as scary then as it is now. i also went to Cancun when i was 18. i don't have a Passport. ask me again in about 5 years...

5. First Thing I Do In The Morning after i figure out what time it is and what day it is, i get out of bed, brush my teeth and flip the page on my Bible verse Page-A-Day calendar.

6. First Time Online was my first year of college. i used it for chatting with strangers. dial-up connection. i frequented a pay-by-the-hour internet cafe down the street from my parents house.

7. First Online Person I Met In Real Life if i remember correctly...it was Shannon (Milk and Cuddles) just a year ago or so. i'm sure she thought i was such a goofball when i was like "you're THAT Shannon! oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh!!" i think i contained my excitement much better when i met Kristin and Gretchen a few months later. although i was squeeee'ing on the inside!

8. First Tragedy I Remember was in elementary school, one of the teachers died. my memory is foggy but i think she was a music teacher. my mom took me and my little brother to her funeral. i remember all the crying. 

9. First Grade Teacher Mrs. Stillwell? Mrs. Murphy? Mrs. Copeland? i can not remember. i remember kindergarten: Mrs. Hightower. and 2nd grade: Mrs. Steele. i have no memories of first grade.

10. First Top Ten Tuesday was March 3, 2009 and is basically an update on what was going on in my life. those kinds of posts are more for me and less for you. ((shrug))

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