Wednesday, February 16, 2011

works for me: surrounded

when you surround yourself with something- a scent, a color, a song, a phrase, an influence - it soaks in. if you surround yourself with something long enough, immersing yourself in it, if even subconsciously, it gets under your skin. it stays in the back of your mind and is retrievable at any given moment.

i've read the Bible front to back before. more than once. i know God's promises. but to get them to soak in? to get them under my skin? in the back of my mind, retrievable at any given moment? i surround myself.

a scripture-a-day at my bathroom sink:

a promise in passing:

my Bible open on the kitchen counter all day every day:

a scripture-a-day at the kitchen sink:

previous days' scripture-a-day at my night table:

i surround myself with God's Word. and it is good.

being surrounded by the Word works for me, so i link with love at Works for Me Wednesday.