Thursday, February 10, 2011

Passport to the World {vlog review}

Parev, everyone!

{that's hello in Armenian.}

how i know this? our new favorite book here at Hall College Prep Academy: Passport to the World by Craig Froman. 

what a fun resource for teaching not only the language, but also the culture, history, and geographical facts of 26 different countries around the world! i'm so happy to have this book as part of our first grade homeschool curriculum.

published by MasterBooks, Passport to the World comes with a realistic "passport" and stickers for the student to track the countries she's visited. there are 12 areas of expertise for each of the 26 countries, including its capital city, flag, size in square miles, population, and currency. full-color pictures illustrate the country's landscape, what people of the country are currently wearing, and other items that depict something about that country and its culture.  

so much wonderful information packed neatly in this big, beautiful book. when we turn the page to a new country, it truly feels like we're taking a journey to a far away place. there are so many ways to implement this book across our studies. we can go as far as dressing up in the country's fashions and cooking their common dish if we want! we can identify the country on the map, discuss the country's part in world history, talk about their religions and political systems and so much more. there is great potential with Passport to the World in our hands.

enjoy this vlog review by me & BigGirl of Passport to the World at HCPA!

(please pardon my no makeup and jammies. school starts early around here. just keepin it real)

author Craig Froman shares the inspiration behind the book Passport to the World:

here is Froman's Passport to the World blog and Facebook page - go LIKE it! 

you can buy the book here:, or try to win one at the MasterBooks Twitter Party on 2/22! save the date!

The Tuckers Take Tennessee

"manek parov!" {goodbye in Armenian.} 

full disclosure: i received the book to review. the personal experiences and opinions are honestly my very own.