Monday, January 31, 2011


to be grateful, feel thankful; to give thanks

146. my mom, who is also my best friend and world's best Granny.
147. my mother-in-love, who was hand-selected by God to be a blessing in my, and my children's, life.
148. interruptions that end up not being so bad after all.
149. protected acreage, our own private woodlands, perfect for birthday morning hikes.
150. quiet prayers answered quietly.
151. my daughter's sweet, lasting friendships.
152. a personal, handwritten note from an author, an inspiration.
153. my husband's determination to put a smile on my face.
154. a home comfortable for overnight guests.
155. friends that know our plans and pray on our behalf.
156. a mantle to decorate for holidays and seasons.
157. God's design of the skull, and for protecting my son from head-first tumbles.
158. 80 degree temperatures in January.
159. a brief visit with Uncle Michael.
160. voice mails, emails, Facebook and text message birthday wishes for BigGirl.
161. a bed big enough, a moment relaxing enough, for a family nap.
162. Toy Story 3.
163. life, breath, and wellness.

there are a Thousand, Endless Gifts... eucharisteo.