Wednesday, September 08, 2010

making the most of it

the past 7 days have *challenging* to say the least. 

for starters, my 2 year old suddenly doesn't want to go to sleep and doesn't want to stay in his room at night. yes, this is the same boy that i call My Good Sleeper, who has been sleeping solidly, without giving us any grief, in his crib, from 8pm until 8am since age 7 months. this very same boy has been coming out of his room at night and wanting to pull all-nighters for the past 7 days. i'm sleepy. daddy is sleepy. Bubba is sleepy. 

second, my online workload has picked up- which is a really good thing. except when the Internet is down. and the problem can't be diagnosed. and the window of time that they can send someone to come "take a look" is impossible unless i clone myself. not having access to the Internet, for me, felt like having to go pee and being nowhere near a bathroom. antsy. so much to do and no way to do it. my inner self was having a Royal Hissy Fit.  

so, if you're still following me, we've got sleepless Bubba plus antsy/out of touch Mama. no fun. 

and then, just to add to the fun, we get lots and lots and lots of rain. the kids can't play outside. the dogs come in from doing their business with muddy paws and that wet dog smell. we have to leave about 15 minutes earlier when we go anywhere because of the extra time it takes to open and close umbrellas and put on and take off rain boots. 

the icing on the cake? Granny is here! *sigh* anyone who has kids who have a Granny like my kids' Granny knows this: Granny makes the kids crazy-giddy-hyper-excited. no rules exist when Granny is here. sugar high is a constant state of mind. blanket forts and cinnamon rolls and board game pieces and dress up clothes litter my home when Granny is here.  

sleepless Bubba + antsy/out of touch Mama + rain rain rain + Granny = My Challenging Week.

i'm making the most of it. 

Daddy has been the only one who has been able to get Bubba to sleep, and he takes great pride in this accomplishment, which he should. it's a beautiful thing to see my husband, so patient and gentle, with our restless little baby in the moonlight. 

the Internet is back up and running. being forced offline, except for my iPhone, forced me to do some true desk-top work. i designed without interruptions. i finished paperwork and snail mail. i was unplugged, yet productive.

the rain keeps on coming. God knows we need it. and you better believe i've been rockin' my hot pink rain boots! 

when Granny visits, she brings love, giggles, smiles, squeals and endless rides on "lil' horsey go to town." i'll take that with the hyperexcitement any day.

so what? a little rain and sleep deprivation? muddy dogs and no Yahoo? HA! sign me up for a challenge any ole' day, Life! i'm up for it and i will always do my best to make the most of it.