Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bieber Fever {wfmw}

i was going to write a song for my children. a sweet, timeless love song that i could sing to them when i tuck them in bed, and years down the road when they're adolescents i can sing it to them if they've had a rough day. a song that would be a bond between us. a song we would share, that would be ours and no one elses. i was going to write a song about how much i love them and how i'll always love them and do anything for them. about how all they have to do is call my name and i'll be right there. about how badly i want only the best for them, and i'll go to the ends of the earth to get it for them. a custom song, because seriously, i want them to know that their smile it lights up my life. i was going to say eloquent things like "you are my ends and my means" and "this is as unconditional as it'll ever get- you ain't seen nothin' yet." that's poetry, yall.

i was going to write this song for my children. but then...i heard it on the radio.

so, kids... that about sums it up. You Smile, I Smile! if you ever wonder how much Mommy loves you, just ask Justin Bieber.

by the way, i used this fan video because i think it's so incredibly cute and i can tell how much work she put into it. my favorite part is the B.I.E.B.E.R= Believe In Everything Because Everything's Reachable!  

Bieber Fever? whatever. Justin Bieber is working for me right now. TGI-WFMW @WeAreTHATFamily!