Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thirsty Thursday: Websites for Wee Ones

As a homeschooling mom I get asked - more often than anything else - what websites are good for older toddlers and young preschoolers. I'm no expert on the subject and I certainly don't know all that's out there. But there are a handful of website that I always recommend for wee ones. These are the ones that are off the top of my head because we're "regulars." Some are sites that the tots can navigate thru on their own (or with mom's help), and some sites are hosts of wonderful lessons, printables, and crafts for youngsters.

Please visit the website yourself first in case the content has changed since my recommendation.
- Starfall I don't want to admit it but I'm pretty sure this site taught BigGirl letter recognition.
- Jump Start World This site has a free version and a paid subscription version. It's like a video game, fun, but also educational.
- Knowledge Adventure The original home of JumpStart, now hosts several other educational games categorized by age and subject (math, colors, phonics, etc.)
- No Time for Flashcards Every day she posts an all-inclusive toddler/preschool lesson (craft, book, song and story) with pictures and instructions. Every day! I plan to use NTFF as my #1 resource for Bubba's first "schooling."
- Jan Brett Lots of free coloring pages, worksheets, and lesson ideas. So much.
- Joyful Learning Completely free Bible-based curriculum for ages 2 and up. I love the ideas here.
- Letter of the Week Another completely free preschool curriculum with wonderful resources.

These are just a few of our favorites. I'm sure there are other great sites out there. What are your favorites? Rocks in My Dryer compiled an awesome (long!) list of websites for kids and parents, categorized and linked. I bookmarked it and check it out frequently.

It's Thirsty Thursday at FiveJs. I'm quenching my childrens' thirst for knowledge!