Friday, February 12, 2010

changing diapers: disgruntled

i am disgruntled. 

finally, cloth diapering began to feel like a way of life around here. it felt natural. even though i was doing most of the diaper changing, i felt like i had it down.

and then. a series of setbacks.
1. in childcare at church, the caregivers didn't know how to change cloth and put him in a disposable. totally understandable, i don't blame them. but it reminded me of how sweetly simple disposables are. 
2. one day Bubba soiled two of the cloth pants in a matter of hours. i hadn't done laundry so we were left with no clean cloths. he wore disposables and i spent the entire rest of the day doing laundry.
3. Hubby moved our bank accounts leaving my PayPal account useless, which meant i couldn't purchase more cloth covers or flushie inserts online. and my heart is set on buying cloth diapers online because i can get a better deal.
4. at a playdate, he had a major leak-thru. the kind that requires a full outfit change. grrr!
5. the next day at home, he had another major leak-thru. the kind that requires a full outfit change for him AND me. GRRRR!
6. we're almost out of the flushable gDiaper inserts. and we're snowed in. and i'm either panicking or mad about the whole situation.
but i'm not giving up on cloth diapering. i know the solution is to build up my stash of cloth covers and flushable inserts, and accept the fact that there will be times when disposables are the only option. deep breath. i can do this. i can do this. i can do this.

where are my cloth diapering cheerleader mamas?