Wednesday, November 04, 2009

works for me: We Were There

i would make a really good scrapbooker. if only it didn't require time, space, and patience, because all of mine is already accounted for.

i do, however, have a growing stash of memorable, meaningful scraps. ticket stubs, show programs, event wristbands, logo napkins, award certificates, invitations, tourist maps, and even reciepts from special purchases made at special places. if it holds a memory, i like to keep it. 

after moving my collection of paper keepsakes from a crowded bulletin board to a sloppy shoebox and then to an overstuffed drawer, i finally decided to dedicate space just for my scraps. a lidded clear plastic box.

i lovingly call it my We Were There Keepsake Box.

it's easily accessible and perfectly contains my memorabilia. nice and neat, safe and sound.

i pray that someday, many many many years from now, my children will find the We Were There box and remember. We were there.

my We Were There Keepsake Box works for me!