Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Christmas Extravaganza: Snowman Craft

I'm going all out and participating in Homemaking Cottage's Christmas Extravaganza Carnival! I realize posts were linked up on Monday and I am tardy to the carnival's grand opening. So...probably not the best first impression. But I really want to do to this to challenge myself [and for your enjoyment]...

Snowmen are so cute. You know you smile when you see a snowman in someone's snowy front yard. Because you know a child made it with freezing cold hands, and tied his dad's scarf around his new snow friend, and broke limbs off the neighbor's shrubs for its arms. Am I right? Totally cute.

But here in Texas, we don't get a lot of snow, yall. Not nearly enough to make a snowman or even a snowball. And I am not complaining. Thank you, Lord, for perfect Texas winters.

So we get our snowmen jollies indoors. With glue and scissors and felt.

(image from Oriental Trading Co)

Make your own indoor-friendly snowman! This craft is a good one if you have a big chunk of time, a stash of misc. craft supplies, and an itch to be creative.

-You will need good clue to make this project "stick" - I recommend Aleene's Tacky Glue found at Hobby Lobby, Target, or even Walmart.
-While you're there, pick up some heavy duty self-adhesive magnets. This little snowman would look really cute on your fridge. Or on Grandma's.
-For snowman's body, you can use paper plates in different sizes, or you can also use round plastic reusable container lids. Like a butter tub or yogurt lid. Glue a little plate/lid on top of the bigger one.
-Cut shapes of boots, hat, scarf and mittens from felt or scrap fabric. Also cut an orange triangle for snowman's carrot nose. The more imperfect the better. Glue the hat to the top of the snowman and the boots to the bottom. Tie the scarf around his neck. Do snowmen have necks?
-On snowman's body, use real buttons if you have them, or colored pom-poms, or anything little and round in your craft stash. BigGirl wanted glittery buttons for her snowgirl so we cut out little circles and covered them with glitter. Lifesavers (the candy) would also make cute buttons.
-Use googly-eyes if you have them, or draw on eyes. Remember, Frosty had "two eyes made out of coal." Anything is going to be better than coal.
-Find some little twigs in the yard for snowman's arms. Glue your felt or fabric mittens onto the twigs. So cute!
-Add any finishing touches to the snowman that you [your children] desire. Stick a magnet or two on the back and enjoy your indoor snowman all winter long.

Join me & the Homemaking Cottage next Monday for Wreath & Christmas Home Decor ideas.