Friday, October 02, 2009

Thirsty Thursday: Prepping for BigGirl's Blog, a Review & Giveaway

I never thought of blogging as a tool in my daughter's homeschool toolbox. But then, I read Sisterlisa's e-book "Prelude to a Blog" and now I have a ton of ideas for setting my daughter up with her very own blog PLUS the ins and outs of getting her started safely and successfully.

Sisterlisa, who homeschools four children and blogs about it with grace and integrity here, wrote the book as a "Homeschool's Mom Guide for Getting Your Child Started in Blogging."

With BigGirl being just 4-and-a-half, setting up a blog for her had not yet crossed my mind. Yet, just like I read "Parents" magazine before my daughter was even born, reading Sisterlisa's guide was a very helpful prerequisite. It was like reading the map and guide books before going on a road trip. Important prep work. When the time comes for BigGirl to blog, I'll be ready.

The book is broken into short, easy to read sections including "Laying the Foundation," "Blogging Safety," "Blogging etiquette," and my favorite, "Dress it Up," which offers helpful advice for designing your child's [or any] blog. Laced with supporting and relevant Bible scripture, Sisterlisa reminds the parent reading to stay true to their faith when setting up a blog for their children. "Children need to know that their Heavenly Father sees everything they write even if their parents aren’t reading it. ...What she writes should be glorifying to God and honoring to her parents." Amen, Sister!

Sisterlisa writes it as though she's recounting her experience to a friend. It's helpful and heartful. She shares her personal beliefs, her prayers for readers and bloggers, and even shares the love of Jesus Christ with unbelievers at the end of Chapter 8.

Throughout reading, I was gently reminded that blogging is a form of fellowship and community. My children will want to be a part of the blogosphere community someday and it is my job to prepare them for it, guide them through it, and connect them to it. With grace and integrity.

Sisterlisa's e-book is a simple yet successful launching pad providing parents with the basics of setting up a blog for children.
Prelude to a Blog is available for $6.50 at TheHomeSpunLife, and it includes a free step-by-step instruction manual on how to set up the parental control features in Blogger.

Sisterlisa gave me a copy of the book to review, and has graciously offered a copy to give to YOU! Believe me, this is one you'll want to have on your virtual bookshelf especially if you are a homeschooling family.

To enter to win, I want to know, Does your child have a blog? Or do you plan to set up a blog for your child(ren)? Leave your answer in a comment below and you will be entered to win. Using, a winner will be chosen on October 9, 2009.

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Setting up a blog for your child(ren) can be a helpful tool in your homeschool classroom, quenching your child's thirst for knowledge. For more Thirsty Thursday please visit FiveJ's!