Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thirsty Thursday: days of the week pencils

this is a very easy way to help kids learn the order of and how to spell the days of the week.
you will need:
5 pencils (or 7 if you want to include weekends)
Avery mailing address labels
Scotch tape (the crystal clear kind)

first, print out the days of the week on the labels.

stick the labels lengthwise on the pencils. i let BigGirl pick which pencil she wanted for which day. reinforce with Scotch tape, wrapping the tape completely around the pencil covering the entire label.

and there you have it! days of the week pencils.

you could also make monthly pencils, one to use each month of the year. you could also make subject-specific pencils, labeled with math, writing, history.... the possibilities are endless! what kind of pencils would you make?

this is just one way to quench your child's thirst for knowledge. want more ideas? visit Five J's for Thirsty Thursday!