Thursday, September 10, 2009

"but why not us?"

most of Big Girl's friends went back to "school" this week. most of them are in Mother's Day Out programs two or three days a week. the neighborhood kids, the ones she looks forward to playing with every afternoon, are all in school now.

yesterday when Big Girl asked if we could go outside to play with her friends, i had to break the news to her that no one was home. i knew this was the conversation many homeschooling parents dread. but i also knew that she wouldn't be sad or feel left out. i just had to pick my words carefully to ensure this. everyone else is at school. but why not us?

this is how the conversation went:

Big Girl: can i check to see if any of my friends are out playing?
Mama: they're not, honey. they all started school this week.
Big Girl: even Kate?
Mama: even Kate.
Big Girl: even Kaitlyn?
Mama: even Kaitlyn.
Big Girl: and Clayton too?
Mama: yes. all of them.
Big Girl (exaggerating): everyone in the whole wide world started school?
Mama (obliging): yes. everyone in the whole wide world.
Big Girl: but why not us?
Mama: because we're different. we're better than the world.
Big Girl (big smile): oh yeah.

i think it went well.

she completely understood what i meant. not that we're better than our friends who are in school, but that we're different than the whole wide world and it's a good thing. it's a God thing.