Wednesday, July 29, 2009

works for me: bottle-to-sippy transition

the time has come to make the switch. Bubba turned 1 earlier this month, and as you know that is the recommended time to take away the beloved Ba-Ba.

because he has only been drinking from the bottle for about a month, i didn't rush taking it away like i did with Big Girl, who had it in her mouth practically since birth. nursing Bubba was a great success...God knows i prayed long and hard for that. so he just recently "met" the cow's milk bottle and almost immediately developed an adoration for "Ba Ba."

and i was reminded of how much *fun* it is to handwash the bottles and nipples all day every day.

and by fun i mean a pain in my neck.

it wasn't long before i threw all caution to the wind and put the darn things in the dishwasher.

but like i said, this has only been going on for about a month. and now it's time to make the switch, per our God-sent Pediatrician, from the bottle to the sippy cup. (preferrably one with a straw-like mouthpiece, said the Doctor)

day one: i filled our family favorite Avent sippy cup with milk and gave it to Bubba at the time he would normally have his first Ba-Ba of the day. Bubba pushed it away, screamed, and looked at me with his big, blue, sweet, melt-my-heart eyes as if thinking, "Why, Mama?" i caved and he got his Ba-Ba.

day two: i had an idea while unloading bottles, sippy cups and their parts from the dishwasher. i put the sippy cup lid onto the bottle. (it fit perfectly since both are Avent products) and guess what? he took it. he had the familiar feel of holding his Ba-Ba, with the benefits for oral motor and speech develpment of using the sippy sipper.

day three: replaced first Ba-Ba of the day with full sippy cup. he took it with no complaints! now that's what i call a successful transition!

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