Wednesday, May 06, 2009

works for me: inside-out bread

It's all my fault, really. I never introduced her to the "butt" of the bread loaf. Ever since she's been eating bread, as I go to pull out the slices for her sandwich, my hand skips right over the end to the soft-sided pieces. It was just instinctual; I did it every single time without a second thought. Because of an assumption I had that my princess daughter wouldn't like the bread butt.

So it's no wonder that now, at age 4.25, she wants nothing to do with those two pieces. The ugly ducklings of the bread loaf. Week after week they go uneaten. A pile of bread butts in knotted plastic bags builds up in my pantry. The bread butt collection irks me. There's enough bread for one more sandwich! You think you're family is too good to eat bread butts?! I yell at myself. Eventually, the pieces get torn and fed to ducks, fish, and pigeons. Sometimes they're used in recipes that call for bread crumbs.

But now...I've found a solution. I turn the bread butt inside out to make Big Girl's sandwich. I (peanut)butter the full-crust side so when I close the sandwich it looks completely innocent! I cut the crust edges off, and there is no way she can tell that she's eating the end piece!

Shhhh! Why didn't I think of this sooner?! (those are Bubba's chubby little hands in the picture. He'll never tell.)

That's what works for me, and it's kind of frugal of me, isn't it?

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