Tuesday, May 12, 2009

special, functional, and edible because she deserves it

It's Teacher Appreciation Week. Maybe it was last week, or maybe it's this week, I'm not 100% sure. BigGirl's Mother's Day Out program is celebrating it this week with a teacher's luncheon on Thursday. The local elementary schools celebrated it last week. So you see why I'm not really sure which week it is, they should just call it Teacher Appreciation Month to avoid all confusion.

Anyway. I wanted to do something special (unique, original, outside-of-the-box) for BigGirl's MDO Teacher, Miss Amy. When DaddyHall and I were considering enrolling her in the program we prayed about it, and I specifically prayed for a teacher that would teach BigGirl, encourage her, care for her, and not only love her but like her. God gave us Miss Amy. She is all that and more. She is so sweet and so real. I can tell she really likes her job and she loves her students.

Even when they talk and play during naptime.

Even when they need you to drain the "juice" from their "little hotdogs" at lunchtime. [Which, to me, is totally gross, but Miss Amy does it for my daughter without complaint twice a week.]

So we had to do something special for Miss Amy.

Thanks to DailyDIY.com for this crazy-special crazy-easy gift idea! I had BigGirl finish this sentence about a dozen times, "Miss Amy is...." and I used her answers to make the word cloud as instructed here.

I printed out the word cloud. Then I didn't now what I was going to do UNTIL I found a clear plastic serving platter. I put the paper word cloud on the up-side of the platter, cut a border from scrap scrapbook paper in coordinating colors. Pretty!

I painted over the word cloud onto the platter with ModgePodge, just a thin coat as not to smear the ink. And then we baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies to go on the platter. Functional and edible! My favorite type of gift to give (and receive.)

Miss Amy loved it and I'm 100% sure she won't get anything like it.