Wednesday, February 18, 2009

works for me: posting prayers

posting prayers is a new thing that works for me. it's not that i need a in-my-face reminder to pray... but kinda, maybe, i do. obviously, on my busiest days is when i need the reminder the most. it's on those super busy days that my prayers are brief and generic and blah. i want to -i need to- be specific with my prayers! i have to honor the Lord and take the time to pray in detail. otherwise, He will be brief and generic and blah with me.

posting my prayers around my house has been very helpful this way. i have posted the pretty handouts provided by our church on "prayers for parenting" and "prayers for your children." i posted scriptures relevant to what we're praying for, and prayer requests from others. when i round the corner in the kitchen i can't help but stop and read the prayers. in the bathroom when i pass the mirror, i am reminded to pray. when i'm carrying laundry up the stairs, i pray. it won't be long before it becomes habitual for me to go to the pantry and pray Mark 11:24.

i post the prayers to help me remember to stop and pray throughout my busy days.

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