Monday, November 27, 2006

What is Gorbella's?

Gorbella’s is a Tarrant County parent-run nonprofit organization on a mission to build a family-friendly world, starting with a kid-friendly coffeehouse, organic café, community resource center, and indoor play area for young children.

Gorbella's is a place where adults can enjoy healthy food and specialty coffees in a comfortable café environment, where infants and toddlers are welcome and encouraged to play. It’s a place for families. It’s a place where children can run around freely, safely, and use their outside voices inside. It’s a place for playgroups to meet. It’s a place for friendships to form. It’s a place for connection, conversation, and socialization. It’s a place for a warm cup of coffee and a cool play area.

There's no place like it. [if there is, please let me know, because, boy do we need it!]

Gorbella’s is owned, managed, operated and supported by members of the community. All proceeds and profits will sustain the organization and fund special programs including baby sign language classes, story tellers, arts and craft projects, toddler tumble lessons, child development workshops, cooking classes, special guests, and more.