Monday, November 20, 2006

a mom's daydream're sitting in a cozy coffeehouse, sipping a nonfat carmel mocha, chatting it up with your mom friends, while your baby bounces happily in her Exersaucer and your toddler builds Lego towers with his new playmates. they're safe, and they're having fun. and if you need to get up to refill your water, or get something out of the diaper bag, there's a volunteer watching them while you step away.

...for lunch [yes, you're still there at lunchtime because your babies are playing, content and happy] you order an organic wrap and a side of fresh fruit. your toddler is hungry, too. for him, you order a handful of grapes (sliced), a cup of yogurt, and a sliced hotdog that's not too hot to eat. your bill? a small and reasonable donation to the coffeehouse itself.

...oooh! after lunch a special treat! a visit from a yoga instructor to teach you and your kids simple, relaxing yoga moves. free- paid for by donations like yours made to the coffeehouse at lunchtime.

...and when the baby is hungry, you step quietly into the nursing lounge. behind the chocolate velvety curtains there are rocking chairs, classical music, books, and Boppy pillows, providing privacy and comfort.

...when it's time to go home you say goodbye to your new mom friends and hope you'll see them next time you're at this coffeehouse. your toddler waves bye-bye and blows kisses to the volunteers in the play areas, and your baby is peacefully asleep...

this daydream proudly brought to you by Gorbella's, A PLACE FOR COFFEE + A PLACE FOR KIDS.

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