Monday, April 08, 2019

weekly menu planner 🍕📝

i've said it before and i'll say it a thousand times (because it bears repeating and i am forgetful): planning my family's weekly dinner menu is a total sanity saver. when i don't plan our menu, i end up rushing to the grocery store for quick dinner inspiration, or grabbing random ingredients for a last minute recipe, or we tend to dine out- which leads to not so healthy eating choices. it's a bad habit. and you know what they say, bad habits breed bad habits. not being prepared for our weeknight dinners is frustrating and stressful.

when i'm frustrated, unprepared, and stressed, i can't serve my family well. then the peace in our home is disturbed. it's a crazy cycle.

the one thing that has helped me stay consistent in menu planning is WRITING IT DOWN. i use a notebook, but i also like to use a calendar format so i can post it on the refrigerator and the family can see what's for dinner. it works for me and it works for them! i love serving my family- and this one simple habit sets me up for success.

if bad habits breed bad habits, good habits must breed good habits right?

*TGIT is our standing family date night and we dine out. tip: avoid the weekend rush! restaurants are less busy on Thursdays. YOYO is "you're on your own" for dinner aka eat all the leftovers and clean out the fridge :)

i made this printable menu planner calendar and it definitely helps! you can download and print the menu planner here: 

here's to menu planning and keeping good habits! xoxo

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