Wednesday, October 17, 2018

5 favorite vegan-friendly starbucks drinks

i love coffee. we've established that

there was a time when i was admittedly addicted to Starbucks vanilla lattes. and then, when my husband started roasting our coffee at home, i went through a phase of not liking Starbucks coffee at all. i was a legit coffee snob. but it was just a phase :) while nothing compares to my husbands home roasted coffee, i do like Starbucks drinks again. actually, i like CERTAIN Starbucks drinks. i am allergic to dairy, so my Starbucks orders are limited to non-dairy (vegan-friendly) coffee drinks. in no particular order, my five favorites are...


1// Pike Place coffee. black and hot. this is my daily go-to. it's so satisfying and smooth.

2// Black Americano. espresso and hot water. full espresso flavor without the crema on top. 

3// Peppermint Mocha. made with almond milk and no whip cream. i like this in the winter for a special treat. it's sweet and creamy and reminds me of a York peppermint. most Starbucks mocha syrup is non dairy but i like to clarify before ordering.

4// Matcha Green Tea Latte. made with coconut milk. i love a creamy green tea. the coconut milk keeps it light and lightly sweet. this is also good iced! 

5// London Fog Tea Latte. made with coconut milk. Earl Grey with lavender and vanilla...oh i think i might need one of these today! 

what's your Starbucks order? i find it fascinating how other people like their coffee or tea! 

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this is not a sponsored post :) just sharing what i love!