Friday, November 25, 2016

TIS THE SEASON // pretty Christmas cards

'tis the season for Christmas cards! 

don't you just love getting Christmas cards from family and friends every year? i think it is one of the highlights of the season for me. it has become a tradition for me to order our family Christmas cards on the friday after Thanksgiving. every year i order from the same website. this year, however, i was introduced to Basic Invite Truly Custom Invitations. Basic Invite is an online print service featuring customized stationery including invitations, cards, printables, announcements, and more.  


i thought i'd give Basic Invite a try for our 2016 Christmas cards. the process for uploading our family photo was super simple. i could crop and edit and move the photo around as needed- lots of options and the editing program was very user friendly. the hardest part was choosing a holiday card! there are so many pretty designs with current/new font choices and color schemes! what set Basic Invite apart from the other online card printers that i have used are the unlimited color options for each element of the card, more than 40 different peel-and-seal envelope colors to choose from, free envelope printing, and the option to order just 1 customized card or as many as i need for my entire Christmas card list.  

i finally decided on a navy card with raised gold foil printing and it came out beautiful! they are printed on a high quality, sturdy cardstock and the embossed gold script lettering is so luxurious! i love them!  

with every order, Basic Invite includes a few extras (there were 6 extras in my order) which is super nice because i always think of a few other people to add to my list every year after i've ordered cards. AND! i didn't realize this before i ordered but there is NO BRANDING anywhere on my Christmas cards! other printers that i have used in the past stamp their logo on the back of each card, and will remove it only if i pay extra per card. Basic Invite has no branding on their cards. this might be the feature that wins me to Basic Invite forever! 

i am really happy with Basic Invite's custom holiday cards! if you are shopping for your family's 2016 Christmas card, i highly recommend Basic Invite's Holiday Cards. use code HOLI30 for 30% off of your holiday cards.

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