Tuesday, October 18, 2016

curated: good stuff

hey hey it's my birthday! just for fun today i'm sharing some of the good stuff i've found around the internet lately. click around my collection of good...enjoy!

// FRIENDSHIP IS GOOD. the deepest need of the human heart is friendship. not acquaintances or facebook likes or instagram followers, but real, true friendship. i nodded my head in agreement reading how to know when someone is a true friend and how to be a true friend.  

// ENCOURAGEMENT IS GOOD. need a power punch of God-inspired encouragement? click over to Crystal Sparks' YouTube page for some good, biblical, encouraging words! she is wise and speaks truth in love!

// GOD IS GOOD. my sweet friend Britta is also curating the good, literally. every day this month in her series #CuratingTheGood she digs deep into God's word to explore His goodness. it's a beautiful, thoughtful series!

// SUCCESS IS GOOD. success looks different for each of us, because our goals are all different. this article is based on a study that found 12 common habits of people who are considered successful. very simple habits to help us all reach our personal goals and attain "success."

// DESSERT IS GOOD. i have shared this before! Shauna Niequist's Blueberry Crisp is my all time favorite go-to baked dessert recipe. i love it for so many reasons - it's healthy, it's easy, i usually have all the ingredients, everyone in my family likes it, and most of all it is DELICIOUS! i think i'll make it tonight. eat it warm straight out of the oven, or cold the next morning with your coffee...yum! PS: read her book Bread & Wine.

do good! feel good! be the good! 
have a good day!