Friday, May 27, 2016

around here lately // learning and living

school | Haile pushed herself and worked really hard and finished 6th grade in the first week in May. Josh still has another month or so, but i'm working with him to finish up. mama's ready for summer! oh, and hubs finished school and got his PhD! f i n a l l y ! dr. hall in da' house! okay not that kind of doctor, but still cool. we are so proud of him! and grateful to have him home more often now :)

swimming | hubs cleaned the swamp in our backyard and now it's a respectable swimming pool! as soon as we could see the bottom of the pool, the kids dropped everything, put on their suits, and jumped in. swimming is practically a daily thing now. #fun

declare | this is the time of year when we're pulling together the final details for declare. it's undoubtedly a labor of love, definitely something i can only do by the grace and guidance of God, and only for the purpose of glorifying Him. i saw this sign in a shop on the square and i've been praying it constantly for declare 2016: "oh Lord fill us with Your Spirit; guide us by Your presence. we sing Your praises; how we need You God"

proverbs | my friend and i are studying Proverbs via together. i'm loving it. it's interesting how we're reading through it- not verse by verse but taking the entire book apart and reading the verses by topics. the overall theme of course is wisdom, which, can't we all use some more of?! soaking it in.

grove collaborative | have you heard of grove collaborative? it's an online store for natural, beauty, personal care, and household products. last month i ordered a gorgeous glass spray bottle and a natural all purpose surface cleaning solution, a reusable water bottle with a filter, some beautiful new dishcloths (obsessed), and these nifty compostable baggies! so handy for when i'm prepping fruits and veggies and want to contain the scraps for composting. highly recommend grove collaborative!

learning | when i claimed the word "strength" as my word for the year, i had no idea what God was going to do with it. it turns out that in order to find godly strength, i'm having to confront my weaknesses head on (ouch) and admit my complete and utter dependence on the Lord. and then i come to the realization that my strength comes from him. my relationship with Christ, my reliance on His grace, strengthens me. ugh it is hard. but i'm learning. i am so incredibly weak on my own.