Friday, July 24, 2015

my sweet girl

oh, my sweet girl. your smile brings me so much joy.

we've been lingering longer at tuck-in time lately, talking about our days, dreams, and desires. praying and planning and playing. she pushes her glasses to the tip of her nose and pretends we're in a counseling session and i'm the patient. she giggles and puts on a thick accent. she asks me questions and nods dramatically as i respond. and then we laugh and laugh. what she doesn't know is this sweet time we steal together fills my heart up to the brim. we grow closer in these moments.

watching her grow up is a beautiful, hard thing. helping her grow up right keeps me deeply dependent on God's grace. this gift of raising her up, of growing her into a godly's constant praying, guiding, talking, listening, learning, teaching, nurturing, praying, holding, releasing, understanding, modeling, relating, and praying. Jesus, i need thee every hour. 

the second she was born i loved her with a love bigger than any love i'd ever felt in my life. how is it even possible that i love her more and more every day?! well, it is. and i certainly do.