Friday, January 30, 2015

favorite things: read, watch, wear, listen

The Song. i just finished this book which is based on a movie which is based on Song of Solomon. it was pretty good! i want to see the movie now, and i want to study Song of Solomon a little bit to see the correlation. i get updates from Desiring God in my email daily and i've come to look forward to them. they are full of deep, relevant insight into God's Word, with practical application and notes for further study. it's like a little church in my inbox every morning and i love it.

"The call of God creates sight in us. It’s the work of God in our hearts to awaken us before his word." -John Piper @

"No matter what our beliefs, we're parents first." i was giggling and then BAM i was in tears. so good. so true.

Why are Christians So Easily Offended? So Fake? So Homophobic? oh yeah. Pastor John went there. the "Why are Christians So..." is by far one of my favorite sermon series as our church addressed these (painful) assumptions about Christians.

Thieves. cold and flu germs are rampant here so this is a no-brainer. Thieves on my feet, Thieves on my hands, Thieves on my spine, Thieves in the diffuser, Thieves everywhere. plus it smells ssoooo nice like cinnamon and cloves. got Thieves? protect yoself!

Faith, Hope & Love. this gold necklace set from DaySpring caught my eye on a day when my heart was extremely full of gratitude and love for two very special friends of mine. and it was on sale! what a perfect gift!

Annie the Movie Soundtrack. it's on repeat around here. in fact, i woke up with this song stuck in my head: "but i've got todayyyy... i've got to make... the best i can of it..." Jamie Foxx and Quevie (my nickname for Quvenzhan√© Wallis) and Cameron Diaz, yall.

Declare on Spotify need some heart-filling arm-lifting thanks-giving music to start your day? turn on the #DeclareConf Spotify playlist and turn it up! 82 songs to encourage and inspire.

i'm linking up my favorites with one of my favorite friends Crystal @ Favorite Things Friday!


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