Wednesday, September 17, 2014

i don't drink // we can still be friends

i used to enjoy adult beverages from time to time. but a few years ago, alcohol lost it's appeal. even socially.

drinking an adult beverage or two almost always led me down a path that i knew wasn't right for me. instead of feeling relaxed or content, i would always wrestle with guilt, shame, and fear. it wasn't fun.

there is nothing fun about being scared of alcoholism or alcohol poisoning or drunk driving or liver failure. there is nothing fun about watching from the backseat as your drunk parent swerves in and out of lanes on the highway. there is nothing fun about praying for a family member who might be addicted to alcohol. there is nothing fun about explaining to your children that you can't get out of bed because of a hangover.

with all of this in my heart, adult beverages tasted bitter, disgusting. 

abstaining from drinking alcohol makes much more sense to me and the way i want to live my life. i knew it was the right decision the first time i said no to a beer at dinner. it was easy and i had peace. not drinking alcohol lines up with my morals and makes me a better me.

this is my decision. it is very personal. know this: i am not judging you if you drink. please don't judge me (or anyone) for not drinking. we can still be friends. *cheers*