Thursday, June 12, 2014

buenos días // things i love

buenos días!

something you probably didn't know about me: i L O V E hecho en mexico-inspired art and decor. it makes me think of mariachi music, hot summer days, big straw hats, embroidered flowing dresses, and chips and queso! the kitchen in our old house had beautiful terracotta accent tile and i started a collection of Mexican-inspired pieces to decorate that space. it was so much fun and i became somewhat addicted to Talavera pottery, Mexican folk art, and Bandera ware. when we moved into the new house, the new kitchen couldn't quite pull off mi cocina. sadly, my collection sat in storage UNTIL TODAY when it occurred to me that 1) i have a collection of beautiful decor sitting unused in a closet, and 2) i have a guest bedroom badly in need of decorating! guess what i did? our spare bedroom is now habitación de huéspedes.

there was a little corner by the bed that needed something small to complete the look, so i made this BUENOS DIAS print, put it in a 5x7 frame, and boom. muy bonita. 

here is the free printable >>> "Buenos Dias" <<< 

and on to more things i love... my kids and their U-NEEKS!

U-NEEKS are fun plush animal/creatures from DaySpring. each U-NEEKS character comes with a little card telling the U-NEEKS name, personality and a "bio" that lists their best U-NEEKS friend, hobbies, and favorite food. and?! their favorite scripture. they are quirky little animals - one-eyed, crazy mohawk, wild mustache, oversized ears... it's easy to fall in love with them. my kids (5 and 9) ADORE their U-NEEKS! they have their personalities and hobbies memorized, recite scripture with them, and play with them acting out silly scenes. they have even picked out U-NEEKS to give as gifts to their friends based on the U-NEEKS name or personality!


the U-NEEKS app (free) is fun, too. it has interactive, progressive games with encouraging notes when they accomplish a level, and a "meet the U-NEEKS" section with all the character bios. our family can definitely get behind a toy that reminds kids that we are all fearfully and wonderfully made by God - and even if we're a little bit quirky, we're completely unique! you can buy U-NEEKS at Walmart, Hobby Lobby, also online at DaySpring.

i'm also loving Armed With Truth scripture memory temporary tattoos!

i'm not a big fan of temporary tattoos. in fact, i usually only let my kids wear them for a day or so before i scrub them off. but these? they can stay on as long as they're legible :) i love the idea of my kids being "armed with truth," literally walking around with the Word of God on their forearm, bicep, the back of their hand, or even the top of their foot!

tattoos (real or fake) are great conversation starters, and i'm happy to have a conversation with anyone about God's promises any day. Armed With Truth has several hip designs and themed packs of temporary tattoos. a genius tool for helping kids (and adults!) memorize scripture and plant the Word in their hearts.

+ miss paola, my kids' martial arts instructor
+ my daughter's first hip-hop dance recital
+ long, sunny, hot Texas summer days
+ snuggling with my son
+ new daily deal / giving site foreverly
+ surprising my kids with froyo, donuts, and minifigures
+ dreaming and praying with the Declare Team
+ reading Titus with StefCindy, and #SheReadsTruth
+ the smell of summer rain on hot asphalt
+ hubby calling "just to chat"
+ being a "maker"