Thursday, May 01, 2014

around here lately: california and easter

// we vacationed in san francisco the week before Easter. it was a lot of fun. such a beautiful part of the country! i took no less than 500 pictures in california. every night, my sweet husband would take the card out of my camera and upload the files to his laptop. on our last day there, the laptop died. as soon as we got home, he ordered another laptop and promised me the pictures could be saved by moving them from the old dead hard drive to the new laptop hard drive by some sort of technical geek magic. there was, however, a delivery snafu and it took an extra few days for the laptop to get here. the pictures are still being moved from one computer to the other. there are 2 computers on my desk and 2 computers on his desk as i type this. it's all geekapolooza over here lately.

// on Good Friday, we made Resurrection Rolls, talked a lot about Jesus and the Resurrection, and the significance of the days leading up to Easter. they had some really good questions and i was thankful for Sense of the Resurrection and this Easter Family Devotional to help me offer biblically sound answers. i overheard bubba (5) ask sweet girl (9) "do you know what today is?" she said "yes, friday, april 18, 2014." well, yes. but that's not what he was looking for. "noooooo, what holiday is today?" she shrugged. "it's HAPPY FRIDAY! the day Jesus died for our sins!" happy friday, good friday, same thing.

// even though we are honest with our kids about the Easter Bunny and we make sure to remind them that Easter is about Jesus and not candy, we had fun dying hard-boiled eggs for hiding and hunting. we've done it before, but i guess it hasn't made a mark in their memories (yet?) because it was like they were seeing the PAAS kits for the first time ever. son: "look! mine came with candies!" me: DO NOT EAT THE DYE TABLETS! he made his eggs look like the ninja turtles of course, and sweet girl made hers tie-dye, striped, and crackled. they came out super cute.

my sweet daughter, me, and my husband's cousin, all in our flowy dresses
// after church, we hosted Easter lunch at our house. big girl and i wore matching dresses. "long and flowy." and we changed into flip-flops for the festivities. we had 15 guests including my husband's brothers and nephew, mom and grandma, great uncle and aunt, and his cousins. we served ham, salad, and lots of yummy desserts. i wish i had taken more pictures. it was a beautiful day and i love it when our home is filled with people we love.

// i made this sign for our mantle with leftover reclaimed wood. that sweet hubby of mine made the cross. i made the banner in about 10 minutes with strips of scrap fabric. i didn't look on pinterest or at a tutorial on youtube. i just knew what i wanted and went for it. i've never really been a huge fan of that painting but with the banner, the colors in the painting pop. don't you think? i think i'll leave it all up for a while.

// our Easter table setting was simple and colorful. i painted another piece of reclaimed wood for "amazing grace" the centerpiece. the "He Is Risen" and "Happy Easter" cards are from jonesdesignco. some mason jars, a burlap runner, striped and solid gift wrapping paper, chocolate candy eggs, and fresh clipped greenery from the backyard. oh, and peeps at every setting! because easter.

and that's what's been going on around here lately! i'll just leave you with this beautiful reminder: