Tuesday, March 04, 2014

thundersleet, coffee, declare, and lent

// it is freezing cold this morning. literally the high today? 31. we had this funky phenomenon called thundersleet yesterday. texas, you are having an identity crisis. it's march and you should be warm and rainy. but, actually, i'll take thundersleet over tornados anytime.

// i am thankful for hot coffee on cold mornings like today. i have mentioned before that my husband brews the best. coffee. ever. he grinds the coffee beans fresh daily, finds the exact perfect ratio of water to coffee grounds, and brings me the best cup every time. made with love, too. :)

// speaking of coffee, please look at this HAPPY MAIL i got last week from the kind people at Seattle's Best Coffee:

isn't that fun? we are drinking this new Spirited Start blend and it is, as i indicated in my coffee journal, bold and smooth. perfect for cold mornings. or any morning, actually :) it's really good and it's available in a K-Cup now!

// did you know that i am one of the hostesses of the Declare Conference? four years ago, i said yes and i've been walking in wild obedience ever since. planning a blogging conference wasn't ever my dream, by the way. it is hard and a lot of work and really scary. but God. He sustains me, constantly reminding me of His sovereignty, forever extending His grace, and revealing His work through my obedience. i don't walk alone. heather, kristin, and michelle said yes, too, and together we walk in faith to bring hundreds of women together to declare God's goodness. i am humbly grateful to be a part of Declare. (Declare is 5ish months from now. prayers please? and are you going? i'd love to meet you)

// lent starts wedneday. up until recently, i have been curious, interested, and mildly confused about lent. all the chatter about what people are "giving up" for lent (diet coke, fried foods, beer, facebook) has always sounded to me like nothing more than a second chance at a new year's resolution. let's give something up for 40 days starting the day after fat tuesday! and let's call it a religious thing! huh? my pastor explained lent as simply a period of time leading up to Easter Sunday set aside for prayer, repentance, reflection, and self-denial. a time to set our hearts on Jesus and prepare to celebrate new life in Him. giving something up for 40 days is about denying myself something and using that time/energy to instead focus on Jesus, pray, and spend time in the Word. so, is it pagan in origin? am i supposed to eat fish on friday? what about unleaven bread? i don't know. all i know for sure is this: Jesus' resurrection is awe-some and worthy of my focus. i got this beautiful journal to use in my QT with JC in these 40 days leading up to Resurrection Sunday.

// on a far less serious note, i have searched high and low and am happy to announce that i FINALLY found a good clear top coat nail polish! that's right. because the only chips i like come with salsa! :) OPI high-gloss gets my vote for longest lasting, best protection, and best shine top coat. now, i need your recommendations for eyebrow pencils! let me know your favorite.

// and because i'm studying colossians 3, i'll close with this: 

//   have a great week   //