Friday, December 13, 2013

her favorite Christmas song

my 8-year-old daughter sings Christmas songs year-round. i'll hear her on a chilly Spring day, long after the holiday is passed, humming a Christmas carol. and at the end of summer, at the first temperature drop into the breezy 70s, she'll start to sing "it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!"  (it's sweet or irritating, depending)

she loves this season, and the sounds of Christmas echo deep in her heart. she's musically inclined. in fact, when she recalls the first time God spoke to her, she says it happened through a song.

she has a new favorite Christmas song this year. she was singing it before i had ever heard it. she told me it's OMG MY FAVORITE SONG, MOM and asked me to find it on YouTube so i could GET WITH THE TIMES and hear THE BEST CHRISTMAS SONG, LIKE, EVER. i fully expected to hear 1D or Taylor Swift swooning about jingling bells or mistletoe or winter wonderlands.

even better, it's the new Owl City and TobyMac song from the new Veggie Tales Christmas movie, Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas. which, by the way, is a super fun movie featuring Uncle Si as Silas the Wise Okra.

she's 8. she's pretty much outgrown the beloved Veggie Tales (sad face), but her love for Duck Dynasty + TobyMac music (and okra!?) won her over. shhhh...she's getting the DVD and the MP3 in her stocking.

listen to "Light Of Christmas" by Owl City with TobyMac
check out the movie trailer: 

"Light of Christmas," her new favorite Christmas song, is about shining the light of Jesus at Christmastime. some of the lyrics:
"Light of Christmas shining through, our eyes, our smiles, you know we could, Shine on through , the good that we do for the people that don't have it so good...Do you hear the sound? A thousand angels are singing out, To God Almighty we're bowing down, And that's what Christmas is all about."

i grant her full permission to sing this song all year long.