Friday, November 29, 2013

fun, meaningful advent activity (starts Sunday!)

Advent starts this Sunday, December 1! 

there are so many great ways to celebrate the Advent season with your family. we started a new Advent tradition last year that combines a little of the "elf on the shelf" silliness with the bible stories and activities from Truth in the Tinsel. my kids (8 and 5) are already looking forward to seeing Mary, our Advent Angel! this is how we celebrate the coming of Christ and keep Him the focus of Christmas through fun activities, crafts, and Bible stories. 

Mary is a tree-topper angel that i picked up on sale at Hobby Lobby. my kids named her. Mary hides in a silly place every night starting November 30. each morning, the kids find her and read the letter that Mary holds in her bendy arms. the letter tells the children their Advent activity and devotional for the day, from Truth in the Tinsel. yep, Mary knows Amanda.

Mary is fun, funny, beautiful, she knows her Bible, she has great hiding places, and she gives my kids a little thrill each morning. 

"Let's go find Mary!" and "What does Mary's letter say today?"

when they find her, we read her handwritten letter, read the day's Bible verses, and make the accompanying Advent ornament or craft, with the templates and instructions from Truth in the Tinsel. Mary helps us intentionally keep Christ in Christmas.

my kids love Christmas. even without Santa or Elf on the Shelf.

i have a feeling Mary the Advent Angel, our elf on the shelf alternative, is going to be a beloved Christmastime tradition for our family for years to come.

it's not too late to start Advent activities! get the Truth in the Tinsel eBook and start today!