Tuesday, August 27, 2013

my definition of grace

 photo strawberryMilkshake_AD2_zpsda6a0081.png

my husband has framed in his office a page of sheet music from the hymn Amazing Grace. i'd heard that song a billion times before i truly grasped how amazing God's grace really is. i mean, we kind of overuse the word amazing, don't we? my daughter's last growth spurt was amazing. double rainbows are amazing. the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium is amazing. strawberry milkshakes are amazing

but every amazing thing pales in comparison to God's grace. and when i finally got this? when i finally received His amazing grace? i was floored. and now when i hear that old hymn, i hear the story of my salvation, my freedom, and my hope.

to Annie, grace is when and how God moves her from a place of being alone and messy to a place of beauty, peace, joy, and strawberry milkshakes. 

my definition of grace? my children's smile, their laughter, and that smell in the nape of their necks. my husband's arm around me, or hearing his heartbeat when i lay my head on his chest. crisp Fall mornings. an open highway and green lights along my route. the thoughtful gesture of a friend. waking up in the morning feeling rested. long, peaceful Sundays. stars-aligned moments. front row parking spots at the grocery stores on rainy days. a song on the radio that sounds like a direct message from God. the freedom of forgiveness. holding back a harsh word & exchanging it for a silent prayer. indescribable, unbound joy. sudden boldness and bravery. blessed assurance. and strawberry milkshakes. in mason jars. on cottony soft dishtowels... 

i certainly don't deserve it, but God loves me so He gives it to me anyway. grace, to me, is like a breath from heaven blown in my direction, making everything fall into place perfectly. grace is when and how God moves me from a place of being caught up in my moment to a place of being caught up in His love. 

and that's it. His grace is enough.

what is your definition of grace?