Thursday, May 16, 2013

our new homeschool classroom


when we were house-hunting last year, i remember saying "we don't need a school room, we can do school anywhere!" i wasn't just being amicable. it is absolutely true! it is nice to have a dedicated area for to keep our books, projects, and supplies organized, but it wasn't a deal-breaker when we were looking for our next home. 

our new house has a perfect space at the top of the stairs for our homeschool classroom. the kids share a desk that adjusts in height so it will grow with them (GALANT from Ikea). they sit staggered, facing each other, in chairs that also adjust in height. the bookshelf (EXPEDIT) along the big wall houses our modified workboxes, textbooks, books, paper, and supplies. the chalkboard and dry erase board easel is on the other side of the desk. there is a big blank wall opposite the bookshelf where i want to eventually put a giant world map. 

i love how this space is lit up with sunlight from the upstairs balcony windows, but also has plenty of light fixtures and ceiling fans. past the schoolroom is the upstairs living room, bedrooms and bathrooms. i love this space and even though we've only been here for the spring semester, it is working out really well as our new homeschool classroom! 

BigGirl also has a desk in her bedroom for quiet, self-directed studies. we often bring our books to do schoolwork at the kitchen table, on the back patio, in the car, and wherever else we land. :) the world is our classroom...we are thankful!