Friday, April 26, 2013

around here lately // april 2013

around here lately, we are wrapping up our school year, enjoying being outside when the weather is nice, taking fun field trips, gardening/working in the yard, and bug-hunting. since we've only been in our new house for 5 months, there isn't too much spring cleaning to do, but i did clean out our closets of outgrown clothes. and it's official, i can no longer shop in the toddler section. no more sizes with T on the end. both kids are in big kid sizes - 5 and 8! it breaks my heart a little every time i walk past the baby/toddler clothes section at Target and into the big kid section, where everything looks so grown-up. *sigh* other than that, here is what's been up around here lately...

resurrection rolls on Resurrection Sunday / "it's empty!"

stopping at parks on pretty Spring days

homemade bird feeders

mining for gold-painted rocks

making ginormous bubbles at a new (to us) museum 

Bubba learned to read!!!! (proud mama + adorable video alert) 

earth day project

this book for my neighborhood book + bible study 

and that is what's been going on around here lately! happy Spring, yall!