Tuesday, April 02, 2013

a rapper, God, and Blissdom

i heard a story once about a young man who was an aspiring rapper. he was "street," as they say, rapping about the things hardcore rappers rap about, living the "thug" life or whatever. you know what i mean. 

he was a good rapper, really, but after years of trying to make it in the industry, as they say, but getting no where, something happened. he heard the Gospel and he decided to live for Christ. he said goodbye to his thug friends, turned away from his sins, gave up on his dream of being a famous rapper, and he gave his life completely to God.

a few years later, the young man, who is now on fire for Jesus and serving in his church and community, is asked to share his testimony during service on an upcoming Sunday. he is honored, and excited. and you know what he does? he raps his testimony. on the stage in front of the congregation on a Sunday morning, this guy raps about Jesus saving him from a life of self-destruction. "the old me is dead and gone," he rhymes into the mic. the congregation claps and nods their heads to the beat, then they cry and stand in ovation, moved by this young man's story. he gives God all the credit.

God gave him the gift of rhyme, and then gave him a stage so that He would be glorified.

it's beautiful. i love the way God brought it full circle.

last month, i had a full-circle-for-God experience. The Seed Company asked me to go to Blissdom '13 in Dallas on their behalf.

first of all, The Seed Company? as in, translating the Bible into languages where it's never been? yes, please and thank You, Jesus. God knows i love His Word and here i am blessed with the opportunity to help get it to people who have never been able to read it because of a language barrier. this #endbiblepoverty stuff is real, and i want to do this work for Him for the rest of my life.

and Blissdom? the first blog conference i ever wanted to attend? right here in my hometown? where 50% of this year's attendees were "newbies"? yes! Lord, thank You for the chance to connect with other bloggers who might be deciding the purpose of their blog, who have a voice and influence online, and i get to share with them the mission of The Seed Company and invite them to blog for The Seed Company! in essence, i get the chance to encourage bloggers to use their online presence to exalt Jesus! praise God.

BlissDom photo

God is putting me in places where i can use my gifts to glorify Him. and it is blessing my heart so much.

And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, 
do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, 
giving thanks to God the Father through him. 

DeAndre raps his testimony with Tyrone Johnson and Hip Hop Nation dancers: