Wednesday, January 16, 2013

what i wear: yoga pants

oh, yoga pants. you have such a bad reputation: you're lazy, you're too comfortable, you're too stretchy, and you make us look sloppy.

but i love you so, and i really want to help you redeem yourself! i want to help other women detach the stigma that comes with wearing yoga pants out in public - even if they're not headed to the gym. i want to encourage other women that yoga pants are not the enemy.

with a little effort, we can wear yoga pants and look cute and at the same time! 

i believe in you, yoga pants, and i believe it can be done... click on over to Together in 10 for my tips for cute ways to wear yoga pants:

Together in 10 is a place where women encourage one another to have fun with fashion, inspiring you to use what you have, try something new, and look fabulous in just a few minutes a day.