Monday, January 28, 2013

suddenly eight

born quickly on a cold and snowing night
we welcomed her in the Colorado winter of 2005
our firstborn, our first unfathomable, selfless love
our sweet girl, soft-spoken and thoughtful

she is energy and bounce, play and go
she is pinks and purples, greens and yellows
she is giggles and bubblegum, glitter and skirts
she is "all by myself" and "i want to help"

she is reading or writing, singing or dancing
she is memory-keeper and treasure collector
she is eager helper and hopeful optimist
she is loving big sister and loyal friend

she is motivated, work hard, play harder

she is bug-hunting and swing-setting
she is "love God, love others" 

she is fun, adventure, and brave

and suddenly, she is eight.

happy 8th birthday to my sweet girl :)