Tuesday, October 09, 2012

86 things i want my children to know

ever since reading rachel's list, i've been compiling my own list in my head of things i want my children to know. little things that matter to me, that i want to matter to them...little things that make up who we are. 

i thought maybe i'd have a list of 10 things. but when i sat down to write them out, they came to mind faster than i could type and before i knew it, my list was up to 86. {in addition to rachel's 86 things, too.}

1. say bless you when anyone sneezes, even strangers
2. when you ask someone "how are you?" really listen to their reply
3. hold the door open for other people
4. tip generously
5. know your Bible
6. hang on tight to best friends
7. don't burn bridges that you might need later
8. think before you speak, write, go, or buy
9. pray for people who don't yet know Jesus
10. be yourself
11. love people
12. take care of your belongings
13. live well within your means
14. continue learning
15. don't be afraid to try
16. steer clear of comparison
17. steer clear of gossip and drama
18. first, ask yourself what would Jesus do?
19. start and end every day in prayer
20. know the presidential candidates
21. vote
22. be aware of your surroundings
23. there is so much to be thankful for
24. dance in the summer rain
25. read
26. take pictures
27. treat yourself once in a while
28. there are no bad questions
29. no one else remembers your most embarrassing moments
30. say you're sorry when you're wrong
31. give generously
32. be compassionate
33. memorize a few clean, funny jokes
34. obey traffic laws
35. in fact, obey all laws
36. humble yourself
37. respect elders and authority
38. be honest
39. stand up for yourself
40. nobody is perfect
41. invite friends over to your house
42. be hospitable
43. make your bed
44. say please and thank you, and mean it
45. return your library books on time
46. do your best to avoid debt
47. thank God often
48. what is done in the dark will always be brought to light
49. take care of your body
50. get plenty of sleep
51. consistency is a good thing
52. make time for friends
53. don't look down on anyone
54. be someone's cheerleader
55. know your limits
56. take your time making big decisions
57. pray about it more than you talk about it
58. use proper grammar in speaking and writing
59. watch the sun rise
60. watch the sun set
61. make wishes on stars
62. spend time marveling at God's creation
63. be hopeful
64. be resourceful
65. recycle
66. eat clean
67. support local
68. love your family
69. stay in touch with loved ones
70. have a signature dish
71. commit random acts of kindness regularly
72. exercise
73. have good, clean fun
74. take care of your family
75. keep your priorities in line
76. focus on the task at hand
77. invest in high thread-count sheets
78. have a skill so you can help others in need
79. appreciate the arts
80. say "i love you" often
81. you can always come home
82. be kind to animals
83. get to know your neighbors
84. send thank you notes
85. forgive freely and don't keep a record of wrongs
86. have a happy heart

...i could go on and on. what about you? can you come up with 86 things you want your children to know?

Direct your children onto the right path,
and when they are older, they will not leave it.
Proverbs 22:6