Saturday, September 01, 2012

saturday {show 'n tell}

here they are: 
my {beautiful & brilliant} third grader and {adorable & active} kindergartner. our homeschool year is off to a great start. we are setting the pace and falling nicely into our groove. 

must share: 
the Mamas Write Conference last weekend was a super crazy success, praise God. our expectations were exceeded, and our prayers were answered beyond our greatest imaginations. in fact, i owe the planning team a cartwheel because of a miracle that occurred behind the scenes! sweet Jamie @jmroubinek has a great recap, our Notebook Sponsor @BluMoxy gave us a shoutout here, @StefanieyBrown put together a video recap, and check out all the pictures from the conference on Instagram!

i'm incredibly excited for my friends @2BeStill and @SomeGirlTweets who just released an e-book: Be Free- a 14-day challenge of food discovery. i'm making changes for the better of our health, and this resource is awesome. i bought gluten-free bread this week. oh yeah.

my friend & fellow homeschooling mama @StefLayton was interviewed at Homeschool Super Heroes this week. "relax," she says, "God is in control of your homeschool." yes! hear the complete interview here.

i favorited Pastor David Paul Tripp's tweet in hopes that i'll always remember "We are fearful, his presence gives us courage. We're alienated, his love draws us near. We're doubtful, his promises give us hope."

in a heart-to-heart convo with @devotionmama, i said, "i just keep doing what's put in front of me." that was my ineloquent way of saying: God is working in me, giving me the desire and the power to do what pleases Him. {phil 2:13} that's what i meant.

i pray you see & seek His blessings this weekend!