Monday, September 24, 2012

menu planning monday: family-friendly gluten-free dinners

eating gluten-free has been simpler than i anticipated. more brands are putting the "gluten-free" label on their packages, and prepackaged foods that are not naturally gluten-free (such as pasta) are becoming more available in gluten-free versions and are more readily available at our regular grocery store (Kroger). we even found a great gluten-free cafe and bakery that we LOVE!

Unrefined Bakery in Dallas has the most delicious gluten-, dairy-, soy-, corn-, and egg-free, bread. made with quinoa, brown rice, and flax, it is high in protein and seriously so yum. the bakery also makes cupcakes, cookies, muffins, bars, treats, sandwiches, smoothies, and a scrumptious GF Chex mix. it's a drive, but totally worth it. 

last week's dinners were delicious and went over well with the family. they are probably getting tired of hearing me boast "and it's gluten-free!" i can't help it - eating healthy excites me!

here is this week's family-friendly gluten-free dinner menu with links to the recipes:
w: spaghetti (DeBoles brand pasta with Ragu) and garlic toast (unrefined bakery whole grain bread)

happy healthy eating!

Gluten Free Meal Plan via Musings of a Housewife