Monday, September 17, 2012

menu planning monday: eating gluten-free

curiosity drives me to research. my latest research binge started in the Spring with a simple Google search: "what is gluten?" after months of reading and talking with doctors, specialists, nutritionists, and people who live a gluten-free lifestyle, my research has culminated in one big decision: we are going gluten-free.

it's not a fad. it's not a bandwagon. it's not a diet. it's a decision to eat healthier, based on what i know about this sneaky little protein. while we aren't intolerant or allergic, we choose to eat gluten-free because typically gluten is added to foods in a process, and we choose to eat real, unprocessed foods.

we didn't go gluten-free to address any physiological or behavioral issues. but i have to say, in the nearly 4 weeks that we've eaten mostly gluten free foods, i have seen a difference in my son's energy levels. no ups and downs - he's stable all day long. and the same goes for me! no afternoon slump, and i'm sleeping much better at night. finding gluten-free meals is easier than i thought. as it turns out, we weren't eating a lot of gluten to begin with. 

{i should add...i also quit sugar. and i'm slowly cutting it out of my family's diet, too. i've been 99% sugar-free for almost 2 months. more on this later, but i think gluten and sugar are in cahoots.} 

without further ado, here is our gluten-free menu for this week:

w: brinner
h: quinoa with black beans
f: rice and black bean burrito bowls

here's to a week of happy, healthy eating!