Monday, August 13, 2012

what to do when you find the treasure

she was wandering. it was getting late, she could tell by the sun's dusky glow. if she was brave enough, she'd admit she was lost. she kept going, determined, but with no real destination in mind. maybe she was escaping.

she crossed through a stranger's field on her way to anywhere. distracted by the noise in her head, it jarred her when she stubbed her toe suddenly on something hard. not the throbbing pain, nor the fact that she was trespassing, stopped her from stooping to see what it was that got in her way. she had no where else to be.

it was a box. weather and time had unburied it from beneath this stranger's field. when she was sure she was alone in the vast quiet farmland, she peered opened the box to find glowing, glittery, precious treasure. the most captivating beautiful treasure she'd ever seen in her whole life. she was mesmerized, and also the happiest she'd been in a very long time.

but the box wasn't hers. she couldn't just take it, and she knew she couldn't afford to buy this box and it's contents from the land owner. she had to put it back and find a way to get that treasure. quickly, she covered the box with dirt and grass, making sure it was well hidden. her heart raced, she was full of joy.   

through the darkness, she skipped excitedly until she found her way home. not a minute did she stop thinking about that amazing hidden treasure. had it been there all along? can it truly be mine? who else knows about it? 

what she did next surprised her: she sold all of her possessions. she sold the things she had collected over the years. everything. stuffed it all into bags to be carried away. those things, that baggage, meant nothing compared to the treasure she knew was out there. she sold it all and didn't look back as she set off toward the buried treasure that she still could not afford to buy.

this time when she got to the field, she was definitely not lost. with cold coins jingling, weighing down her pockets, she went straight to the little barn to find someone. a few kind words, a bold request, an exchange, and a handshake later, she was dancing across her field in bare feet, joyful, heart full.   

she wanted the treasure, so she bought the field. 

buy the field. say yes to Jesus. 
the kingdom of Heaven is well worth it.