Monday, June 11, 2012

so, my husband has a cold...

...he is coughing, sniffling, sneezing. there are tissues everywhere. we're saying lots of "bless you."

my husband does this really adorable thing when he doesn't feel well: he puts on an extra large sweatshirt, wears the hoodie over his head, and tucks his pajama pants into his white athletic socks. it's so cute. but poor's 100 degrees outside.

and he has the craziest, loudest, most outrageously dramatic sneeze. it comes without any warning! out of the clear blue: the loudest sneeze ever. i seriously about jump out of my skin every time he sneezes.

it's something like this:


(email readers click to open the video and get a glimpse into my life right now. it's funny, i promise)

maybe we need some Nasaflu. or just a good sense of humor :)