Thursday, February 23, 2012

outings & cupcakes

one of our favorite outings is to the bookstore at the mall. Bubba browses...

while Big Girl participates in storytime...

on our most recent trip, we stumbled upon Matilda's Cupcake Shoppe in the mall food court! we couldn't resist these beautiful cupcakes! bonus: Matilda's Cupcakes are made from scratch daily using real buttercream and better ingredients. i could taste a difference!  

mine, "the Jane," was fluffy flavorful vanilla with crunchy sugar crystals


Bubba's favorite was the creamy chocolate with vanilla icing

Big Girl of course chose the pinkest cupcake: strawberry topped with a pink Sixlet!

my little cupcake connoisseurs* loved Matilda's! we can't wait to go back.

*watching Cupcake Wars makes us connoisseurs, right?

taking Bubba and Big Girl on fun outings like this is one of the finer things in life, 
and i sure love the memories we're making along the way.

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